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Welcome to Little Stone Light Healing

Divine Downloads Library

Thank you for visiting my cosmic healing library!

As a divine human and multidimensional soul, I invite you to drop old wounds and trauma, unravel, clear and release vows and karmic imprints in all of your timelines and all aspects of your multidimensional self.

Experience mystic prayer and spiritual assistance to play in the quantum field of MAGICAL ALCHEMY where anything is possible. 

Each healing meditation will elevate your soul and provide a taste of cosmic bliss.

Adventure into these cosmic creations which are infused with light transmissions, spiritual assistance from guides and light-workers in spirit and your own cosmic co-creative power as we work together to consciously create the life of your dreams.

Please take these potent healing transmissions as sacred time to FALL DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF, to release all that no longer serves you, allowing yourself to let go and BE who you already are.  

These healing meditations are layered creations.  There is a layer of channelled light and chanting from my guides that is inaudible.  Once you have purchased please listen as often as you need in order to fully process the transformations.

With love and blessings, I thank you and I honour your sacred journey

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