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Do you long for a loving relationship with food and your body?  Do you find yourself stuck in old patterns around food?  How would you feel if you could nourish and nurture yourself with healthy food choices, and love your body?  


This healing meditation is designed to re-set your relationship with food by releasing anything that is holding you back from a blissful, conscious relationship with food. It’s designed to get you back into your natural state of being. We will be balancing and aligning your attitudes to foods, including any programs you may have inherited.  Your digestive system will be balanced and aligned so that your entire being can feel wonderfully nourished.


In this healing meditation we will address a number of issues including;


  • Patterns and programs of emotional eating

  • Sabotage programs around food and body image 

  • Unconsciously eating to fill other needs

  • Guilt and shame around food or your body

  • Programs around unhealthy food choices


The healing is designed to;


  • Assist you to become friends with food and your body

  • Come into right relationship with your beautiful body

  • Entrain your body to a higher vibration of oneness with food

  • Help you to create healthy habits in alignment with your higher self


Duration of audio: 20 minutes

Blissful Eating

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