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Enter the Mystical World of Meditative Prayer


The body is a biological-quantum-crystalline-spiritual manifestation of consciousness that responds to our words, thoughts, feelings, and actions.


This 21-day process uses our voice through divine healing prayers to purify our consciousness. As we heal consciousness the body will naturally come back into balance. The flow of healing moves in all directions so that when we change the body, the mind and consciousness will change. Likewise, when we transform the mind, all parts of ourselves will change. The flow on effect of any positive change will resonate through our whole being and our consciousness will be purified. In these prayers, we will focus on the body, mind, and soul aspects that are manifestations of consciousness. This provides the opportunity for us to engage with self-inquiry and deep spiritual healing.

This 21-day spiritual healing book includes prayers that will help you to:

  • balance your energetic body
  • communicate with and heal your cells
  • heal and balance all 11 major systems of the body
  • balance your brain
  • align the physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects of your body
  • perform DNA healing and restoration
  • clear incarnation and birth trauma
  • and so much more!


Harness the power of your words, set yourself free today and realise your soul’s true potential.


Welcome to the Cauldron!

The Little Book of Mystic Prayer for Healing the Body

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