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When it is time to surrender, we give up the ego mind and place our faith in our higher mind, we merge with our true self, surrender to our spirit within and are no longer separate from nature but connected to all life. And the end result is sweetness, the golden liquid light of sweet surrender.


This healing and activation will assist you to;

  • clear patters and programs of control, and the original wound
  • clear stress and fear around survival
  • sweetly surrender to what is
  • sweetly let go of situations or people from life when it is required
  • dissolve, disintegrate and melt down any energy cords or energy drains
  • allow the flow of the universe
  • shapeshift your reality from fight, flight and control, to a luminous conscious state of surrender, trust and flow.


When we are in flow we can expect increased synchronicity, peaceful resolution of situations, inner peace and harmony.


This audio activation includes a light language transmission and an atunement to the honey bee. Bees surrender to hive mind and when we open to their teaching, we can surrender our ego mind to the golden light of our higher mind. As they are in service to the Queen, we become aligned and in service to our higher mind. The bees are also alchemists, gathering sweet nectar from our flower friends, performing the process of divine alchemy by transforming the nectar into golden honey. When we truly learn the lesson of shifting to the higher mind, we alchemise all situations and emotions into golden sweet surrender.


Duration of audio: 21 min

Surrendering to Flow

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