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This healing and activation is embedded with healing energies to assist you to shapeshift from wounded empath to divine alchemist. Empathy is a gift of sensitivity allowing us to offer healing from our divine heart as we connect with others and have compassion for suffering in the world. However, empathy becomes a curse when there are unhealed wounds that cause us to absorb other people’s pain and give our power away. Toxic emotions of others combined with our own unhealed emotions build up in the body and auric field and if we can’t transform or release these emotion’s we can develop pain, disease, anxiety, depression and weight gain. This healing and activation is designed to be listened to regularly so that you can have a complete and lasting transformation.


I recommend this audio for all healers, light workers, counsellors, psychologists, psychics, medics, body workers, social workers, nurses, teachers and anyone who is giving too much of themselves and feeling drained and depleted.


An alchemist is someone who is able to easily shift their own negative emotions into positive emotions. You will also be able to hold space for others without absorbing their pain whilst they are able to match your vibration and shift their own emotions.


What you can expect from this clearing;

  • clearing you of energy that does not belong to you
  • bringing back lost parts of self
  • a healing from the nine choirs of angels to heal core rejection and abandonment wounds that can cause people pleasing
  • clearing guilt, grief, judgements and projections
  • clearing foot chakra’s of any survival wounds
  • clearing energetic drains and cords


We will be activating the following frequencies;

  • Butterfly healing for transformation
  • Violet flame of transformation
  • Sacred geometry symbols from your higher self that will shapeshift you into a divine alchemist and establish effective energetic boundaries


Duration of audio: 25 min

Shapeshifting from Empath to Alchemist - On Sale

AU$22.22 Regular Price
AU$11.11Sale Price
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