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This audio clearing and activation is designed to melt the patterns and programs of angry love. Many of us have experienced what angry love feels like. As a child you may have grown up with a parent who was angry in one way or another, and this can imprint deeply into the subconscious mind as a pattern that then plays out in your future relationships. Love is not angry, but when love becomes enmeshed with anger, it creates confusion and disempowerment.


This healing and activation will assist you to;

  • clear patterns, programs, imprints and implants of angry love in your consciousness and the consciousness of your inner child
  • clear cellular and soul memories, ancestral patterning and inherited patterns that love is angry, hard or has to cause suffering
  • clear suppressed emotional trauma, pain and sorrow
  • clear guilt and shame in your inner child
  • transform all non-acceptance into unconditional love


During this healing you will enter your heart space garden with Archangels Chamuel and Raphael, as they perform powerful heart healings. Clearing broken heartedness and restoring your heart to its divine set point of pure love with a pink ray activation.


Finally, this audio includes an activation from the white dove and the lady of the lake activating unconditional love, releasing the energetic charge around relationships and bringing in peaceful solutions. It will allow you to remember on a deep level that love is gentle, peaceful and nourishing.


This audio includes 2 light language transmissions.


Duration of audio: 27 minutes

Melting ‘Angry Love’ Programs

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