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I first saw Ann-Marie for the pain I was having in my lower legs and feet. I'd had a bout of ross river fever which had attacked the joints and nerves in my ankles, feet and wrists. After recovery I still suffered a lot of ongoing pain in these areas, sometimes worse than others and it had been recurring for about 12 months. The first time I had a treatment with Ann-Marie I went home and slept. The next day I had almost no pain and that continued for 3 weeks, then slowly I felt the tinges coming back.  I saw her again and this time a real shift happened and I have been pain free since.  I love the way Ann-Marie works. She is kind, compassionate, gentle and honest, she has such integrity, which shines through in her treatments, making her easy to trust. Ann-Marie has such a range of knowledge and tools at her disposal and a depth of understanding that is second to none. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is the real deal, and her treatments get to the core of what's really going on in the body and resolve issues that may have been long standing in the body/soul.

Lana, Samford

Ann-Marie was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who had seen her in person. As I live in London all of our sessions were conducted via Skype. You would think that this may hinder things, not at all. I have had many sessions with Ann-Marie everything from healing's, tuning fork therapy to readings. She is incredibly insightful. At times I feel like she is reading my mind! She has dug really deep with some complex issues with myself that have run really deep and able to help me work through these and let them go completely. Throughout any session with Ann-Marie I have always felt so comfortable and able to express myself in any way that comes out. There are a lot of tears as part of the release work often and I never feel embarrassed. Ann-Marie has a very strong gift that she uses so well. I'm extremely grateful that I was introduced to her. I have in the past and will continue to recommend Ann-Marie to anyone who I feel could benefit from her work.

Amanda, London

Ann-Marie is a naturally talented healer and deeply intuitive. She provides deep and accurate insights that you won't receive from other healers. She helped my little pooch too, who was struggling after losing his eyesight. Ann-Marie helped him to be free from the anxiety and embrace the situation. Both he and myself are truly grateful for how she has helped us.

Kemina, Brisbane

I have been working with Ann-Marie for a while now and I absolutely love the changes I can see within myself. Ann-Marie has amazing healing powers that have transformed many different aspects of my life and I feel lighter and happier than I have in many years.  I can't recommend Ann-Marie enough.

Adele, Morayfield.

In my first session with Ann-Marie she correctly identified many of my issues and I felt an immediate shift. I began seeing her regularly and with her support and guidance I shifted from failing to thrive to thriving. Ann-Marie has also helped my family move to a better place, and I am eternally grateful for her guidance, support and non-judgemental approach. 

Monica, Redcliffe

Oh wow, where do I start....stumbling across Ann-Marie when the doctors where stumped was a godsend. I was wrecked, not just physically but emotionally. I had trouble walking and my legs in my calves were like rocks as if they had seized. My ankles had so much trauma hidden away inside them that I could barely walk/limp.  Multiple MRI's found not much, yet the specialist knew something wasn't right, but had no answers. Ann-Marie worked on my body and I walked away feeling none of the physical pain I came to her troubled with. I was a sceptic at first, I didn't know what would happen and was shocked to feel like such a miracle had occurred:; that Ann-Marie could see and feel so much about my inner feelings and my demons that haunted me.; that she could pinpoint where my biggest issues were when I couldn't. I went in feeling lost and knew not much about my body or what it was going through. I learnt that physical ailments are not always from physical activity and that I had a lot of other issues causing my body to breakdown. I turn to Ann-Marie when I need healing, and I have complete faith in her abilities and intentions to improve the quality of my life. I need to see her more often!

Mel, North Lakes 

I wasn't sure what to expect when I booked a reading with Ann-Marie. I've had readings before that didn't really give me any direction. Ann-Marie's reading was different, she connected to my body and talked about the stress in various area's of my life and how to move through those issues.  She said that I would be buying a new car and that blue would be a good colour.  She had no way of knowing that I always have a blue car and that I was indeed looking!  She mentioned that I would visit Paris during one reading and I discounted it but 6 months later I was in Paris for a work trip and extended my stay.  In the very first reading with Ann-Marie she connected to my passed Grandmother who was very sweet. She talked about a secret recipe and that she loves watching me cook her secret recipe.  It was a very emotional experience to connect with my loved one. I would recommend a reading with Ann-Marie.  She has assisted me to stop procrastinating and start living my dreams.  

Lucy, Petrie 

Ann-Marie is what ​I'd call a 'healer's healer'. Not only is she amazing at holding a sacred and safe space for those commencing a healing journey, she knows how to help other healers dig deeper and shed more layers. Ann-Marie is highly skilled at zeroing in on the root of any issue and then seems to know exactly what is needed to facilitate a healing release, both emotionally and physically.  I have been able to let go of and heal deeply held emotions and physical ailments, which in turn has allowed me to feel more balanced, peaceful and healthy. Ann-Marie is such a deeply caring, highly intuitive and nurturing healer who I couldn't recommend highly enough.

Paula, Everton Hills


Ann-Marie has literally changed my life. She was able to guide me onto my life path with the information she has given me, not to mention she also gave me the closure I needed after losing one of my best mates to suicide...I really couldn't thank her enough. What more can I say?

Jayden, Gold Coast

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