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This clearing audio will assist you to clear non-beneficial energetic entities, parasites and spirits from your body and energy field. We will also be clearing, as much as possible, the underlying reasons why these energies have been able to attach to you or infiltrate your space.


Non-beneficial entities consist of a wide range of spirits, parasites and inter-dimensional beings. During the clearing we do not need to mention all the different types however it is important to clear all of them in an all-inclusive clearing statement. Along with the entities we may have picked up energetic, emotional, mental or astral debris, patterns, programs, implants, imprints, energetic technologies, cords, drains, and/or portals. There may also be other structures that impact the energetic field or body that we are not aware of and so we use statements that are broad in order to cover all possibilities.


These non-beneficial entities, attachments and energies can cause tiredness, anxiety and many other issues as they siphon life force energy and cause a general feeling of unbalance. They can also cause damage to your physical and etheric body that result in illness and disease. Sometimes they can cause you to do and say things that are out of character for you. For example, a sudden craving for sweet food, alcohol or drugs. They can interfere with your life in serious ways taking you completely off your life purpose and derailing your happiness and joy. Non-beneficial guides that are not from the light can dampen your intuitive abilities and mis-lead you in profound ways.


If you are an empath, a psychic or a healer it is essential that you cleanse yourself energetically on a regular basis. In order to do that you can listen to this audio regularly or you can develop your own process with your spirit team.


Some of what you can expect from this clearing;

  • removal of any entities or beings posing as love and light guides
  • clearing agreements, contracts and associations that you may have made with any being or entity
  • closing any non-beneficial access points or portals
  • clearing all non-beneficial entities, parasites and spirits on all levels of your body and auric field, and across all of your lifetimes
  • specific clearings for each of the chakra’s, including sexual entities, and cords to old lovers
  • clearing your astral body for protection during sleep
  • clearing and repairing any damage 


We will be activating the following frequencies;


  • grounding and anchoring the frequency of selenite which is excellent for psychic protection
  • connecting into cosmic ultraviolet light, a truly amazing gift of light technology from source that is used to cleanse and purify
  • working with the over-lighting deva of Shungite to reverse, repair and protect you from EMF and 5G exposure and over exposure


This audio includes several light language transmissions including the energies of White Tara, Selenite and Shungite.


Duration of audio: approx 25 minutes

Psychic Clearing and Protection

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