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During this clearing and activation we will be releasing blocks to prosperity and creating new energy templates to activate an awesome and prosperous future. Creating energetic changes on a spiritual level and through active visualisation in the present assists you to shift your vibration and therefore to move into alignment with all that is good, so that you can access your dreams, hopes and desires.


Prosperity activates feelings of joy, freedom, courage and stability because it refers to an abundant supply of all that is good. As our frequency increases, often because our thoughts become more positive, there is more and more good to experience. We find our tribe, find our purpose and experience a passion for life. Prosperity will gift you the freedom and peace of mind, to know and trust that you are always provided for. It will also guide and inspire you to take any action that is required to tap into the flow of prosperity.


We will be accessing a sacred waterfall of rainbow coloured light from source and the angels to clear you of any blocks to prosperity.


This will assist in the clearing of;


  • ancestral and genetic patterns and programs of poverty, stress, trauma, lack, struggle and scarcity
  • experiences you have ever had that are blocking or preventing prosperity
  • attachments with fields of lack, poverty, financial struggle and not enough programs
  • limiting beliefs from childhood and family poverty consciousness
  • non-beneficial decisions, beliefs and conclusions you have ever held about money, wealth and prosperity
  • doubt, fear, guilt, unworthiness and false beliefs around prosperity
  • any inability to receive including all ways which you block the flow of money into your life
  • blockages to divine receptivity
  • oaths, pacts, contracts, obligations and agreements across lifetimes
  • harmful effects of your karma that is preventing you from accessing the streams of prosperity
  • spiritually based poverty consciousness


The sacred waterfall of light will shift into streams of golden activating energy as we activate the following;


  • downloads from your higher self for all of the trust, faith, gratitude and love frequencies you require
  • golden codes of abundance
  • planting seeds of new beginnings
  • downloads of new beliefs so you can manifest from your divine higher self
  • connecting you to new channels of prosperity, untapped potential, creative ideas, genius, magical possibilities and other ways you can create a prosperous life
  • opening channels to new money flows, reclaiming your natural divine birth right of prosperity
  • installing new programs that money is energy and energy is infinite, opening you up to infinite flow.


The audio includes three light language transmissions and an attunement to a divine prosperity trinity consciousness of Elephant, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi.


Duration of audio: 36 mins

Prosperity Clearing

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