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Please note these are the prayers only 


Enter the Mystical World of Meditative Prayer


Heal blockages to creativity in record time, activate your Soul’s purpose, and align to your creative abilities.


Traditional healers, shamans, and spiritual healers have used prayer, chanting, and invocation since the beginning of time -  now you can too!

Your words create your reality and hold healing medicine for your body and Soul. In a co-creative relationship with Great Spirit, the Divine Consciousness, that lives inside you and that is you, the ability to transform your life is in the power of your words.

This 21-day process harness’s the power of divine healing prayers to clear negative self-talk, unlock creative abilities, activate your Soul’s purpose, and align with your authentic self. You will be able to open, activate, and enliven your creative potential by eradicating limiting beliefs, healing your emotional triggers, and overcoming barriers that lead to procrastination. With every page filled to the brim with clear and concise information on how to effectively pray for Soul healing as well as powerfully activated miraculous healing prayers, you can enter the mystical world of meditative prayer with confidence and start your life-changing healing journey.

This 21-day spiritual healing book includes prayers that will help you to:

  • develop clarity, solutions, and awareness
  • clear stress
  • transform fear and doubt into courage and confidence
  • clear expectations
  • balance your brain
  • heal from negative thinking, limiting beliefs and self-esteem issues
  • heal from emotional blockages
  • heal from criticism
  • clear lack of motivation, procrastination, laziness, and boredom
  • align with your true creative abilities, genius, inventiveness and intuition
  • experience soul retrieval for creative gifts
  • and so much more!


Harness the power of your words, set yourself free, and realise your Soul’s true potential.

Welcome to the Cauldron!

The Little Book of Mystic Prayer for Creativity (Prayers only)

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