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There's A Tiger In My Cupboard

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There's a Tiger in my cupboard, her tail is quickly swishing,

She's pacing and she's hungry, I think she's going to bite me,

I'd really like to pat her, but she’s getting kinda antsy,

I'm sure she’ll take my hand off, one day she’s going to eat me.

The house is deathly silent, Mr What’shisname is here again,

I feel like I’m on pins, not sure what he is wanting,

I can’t hear what he is saying, pretending not to see,

He's messing with my head, forgetting he's quite dead.

I have a pretty bedroom, with fairies on the wall,

But looks can be deceiving, there's a crocodile in the hall,

She knows I can see her, she has a toothy grin,

Sharpening her teeth, sparkling moonlight reveals her skin,

I refuse her offer with my mind, I'm not riding on her back,

Last time I made it home, but who knows when she'll need a snack.

Strange eyes in the corner, I think you’d say they’re red,

I’d take a solemn guess that this one is from the dead,

A place so dark and gloomy, a hall of salty smells,

I haven’t been there often, wading through the slugs,

I don’t know how I get there or how I get back home,

One thing I can say though 'I don’t like all the bones'.

I call in all the angels as I’m desperate for some sleep,

My muscles are so sore, I’ve been holding them too deep,

The bear she takes to growling, breathing on my skin,

My body cannot move, holding all of this within.

There’s a Tiger in my cupboard, one day she’ll knock it down,

I’m starting to get groggy, just in time for the alarm,

Holding it all together, with sticky tape and glue

At least I think I made it, which might just have to do.

I was one of those children (and adults!) who could not sleep without a light on. Even with the light on I could still feel the spirits and so my nights were filled with what I can only remember as terror. Fear leaves a very hard mark on the soul and so when two of my children have experienced similar situations I was quick to respond. My young son was much affected and so I threw a mattress on the floor next to his bed and have slept beside him for much of his childhood. In the beginning I could see his visions and change them or wake him up if necessary but now his aura is stronger his sleep is much better.

Beatrix Potter had Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck and lovely little field mice! I wish I was talking about that, but alas I'm talking about Tigers and other such things!

Now my animal helpers are my very loving allies but without awareness life was very different.


Spiritual Healer

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