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A Stingray With A Sense Of Humour

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Last night I dreamt of Stingrays. There were hundreds of them swimming past me. There were beautiful mothers swimming alongside their children. As they passed me by the children would lift their heads up and grin at me. I had a sense of their cheeky nature and they were throughly enjoying themselves showing off their graceful moves. They were well protected by the adults, each child swimming with their mother and I could see they felt safe and content. The adults were large and extremely peaceful, and very content to be moving gracefully through the water with so much ease and presence. As one passed by I could feel that she was showing me how they hide from sharks by burying in the sand and I could feel the fear that she had felt when a shark had been around her.

As I progressed in the dream I noticed that I was swimming below a giant Stingray. It's hard to describe how large it was but perhaps you can imagine 4 houses in a square shape and this will give you an idea of how large this being was. I felt an incredible sense of gentleness and peace from this consciousness who perhaps was the oversoul of all Stingrays. Our conversation was around what Stingrays can teach humans and how they are feeling about the pollution of their home. The most amazing feeling with this GENTLE consciousness was a feeling I can only describe as comfort. They have a very large surface area of beautiful skin compared to their overall body weight. This large surface area teaches us that it's important to feel COMFORTABLE IN OUR OWN SKIN. Certainly this has been a challenge for me with pale skin and freckles! They also teach about going with the flow, dancing through our emotions by moving in a wave like motion. There is also the message of ingeniously hiding from danger and being careful not to reveal yourself in certain situations. There were messages about keeping the ocean and waterways pollution free especially from plastic for the safety of all life on Earth and in the oceans. One interesting aspect that we discussed was the Stingrays love for thunderstorms and lightening as it invigorates and enlivens their energy, and they congregate in large numbers when there is a good chance of a lightening storm! We had a small chuckle over the desire to be rid of all sharks but it was just in jest. Got to love the sense of humour of a STRINGRAY!


Spiritual Healer

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