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A Horse And Her Spirit of Adventure

After my post about animal healings I have magnetically attracted more of them, and it's been quite busy today with more animals. A new client contacted me about a horse who would not walk onto her float and it's been like that for months. She has no medical issues. I'm thinking I have no idea how I get a horse to go onto a float but I'll see what I can do. I start the distance healing, balance her energies, clear any resistance, fear, worry and anxiety. There was a little of all of these but not much. Check for any fear of enclosed spaces, fear of hearing her hooves on the floor of the float, still nothing much. She is very gentle and beautiful but a little lonely, so I connect her up with my two spirit horses that I work with. I decide to just sit in the space sending her energy for about ten minutes until I hear the following, "she needs to be reconnected to her spirit of adventure". So I do some prayers to reconnect her to her spirit of adventure, her spirit of fun and her freedom. The client contacted me fifteen minutes later to say she'd walked happily onto the float! How awesome is this horse, she's a champion. I love my work!


Spiritual Healer

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