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Once Upon A Reindeer

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Last night I dreamt I was riding on a Reindeer. It was a wonderfully powerful dream and yet there were aspects that left me feeling very sad.

In this particular dream I saw my legs so I knew I was human whereas in many of my dreams I become the animal I am dreaming about. We were moving across a snow filled land with forest trees on either side of us. We were moving fast, fleeing from some unknown hunter. After some time feeling happy and exhilarated by the ride I jumped down from the Reindeer and walked to the front of the herd. Unfortunately I saw a couple of decomposing Reindeer. I was able to easily pick up their antlers and I walked forwards with two antlers in my hands. I could see that the antlers were beautiful and covered in a soft velvet like hair. I got the impression from the antlers that they acted like antennas to help the Reindeer have extrasensory perception, picking up on vibrations around them as a means to keep them safe. I feel they are super sensitive and highly psychic. The antlers reach up to the sky so they are very connected to their higher selves and to the spirit world. I got the sense that it is a harsh world for the Reindeer, one of cold and famine and this is why there was some sadness with the dream.

Usually I can communicate with animals very easily however I feel like Reindeer will take some time to get to know. They are very trusting and yet they tend to keep to themselves. I feel that they are very discerning about who they keep company with. They did communicate to me that they are very psychic.

It is well worth my time getting to know these powerfully sensitive beauty's. Maybe one will take me riding to the North Pole one Christmas!


Spiritual Healer

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