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Little Stone

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Several years ago I had a very cool out of body experience. I didn’t know what it meant then but I am starting to understand it now. What I want to say is that if you are experiencing something and you don’t know what it means maybe years later you will understand, and maybe you won’t 😂 but it’s all ok. Here is my poem about my experience.

A little stone (I’ll find my way home)

Innocent day, untidy in time, spun radiant webs in the sky.

Finding myself on the step of a ladder, taste of dawn sweetness catching my eye.

Something is changing, a mist in the air, opening doorway, feeling of moving, rapid yet gentle. Expanded in presence, no mind for the thinking. Simple and peaceful, nothing to do.

Ancient time, ancient hill, overlooking an ocean. Aware of the placement, honour abounds. There was no use in sitting, it was more of a settling, staggering ease to be in a stone, with magical feeling of home.

I knew of the ice and the bake of the sun, the wind and the rain and all of it counted but couldn’t push through. I wasn’t alone on arriving, others closer than me, giants and boulders, different to me. Explorers and travellers compelled by the pull on the web.

Bang, back in the body, the elaborate torture. Every hair on the head counted with meaning. All the fingers and toes and organs to think with. The cells and the stories of old. To carry this burden, this body, these stories.

Unravel the threads, repair all the gaps, return journey, no need for the maps. I’ll find my way home.


Spiritual Healer

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