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Thyroid Healing Prayer

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The thyroid is a sensitive gland located in our neck. This gives some idea about it's function and it involves speech and creation. The throat chakra along with the sacral chakra are the portals to creation. When we listen to the world about what we should do with our lives our true self takes a back seat. Our speech, often our self talk, is about all the things we think we should be doing rather than the things that our true self is asking us to do. From this we can see that thyroid healing is not just about healing the thyroid on a physical level, but it's about finding our life purpose, so that we are not running around carrying the burden of other people's expectations, which are often illusionary anyway.

Sometimes clients with thyroid issues will insist that they do speak up for themselves and have started living their soul purpose, however there were often decades prior to this when they did not. In these cases it's important to clear shame and other emotions that have never been fully processed by the body or energetic systems.

Spiritual Healing for the Thyroid

Great Spirit, I ask that you please locate and clear any non-beneficial energies and emotions that are causing or contributing to my thyroid issues. Please locate and transform all memories or programs of self-attack and negative self talk. Please transform all of these energies into self-love. I ask for a divine blessing of love and light to ensure that I am connected to my higher self and for the courage to follow directions from my true self, living my life for me. Please balance all of my glands and ensure that they are able to communicate with each other. Please check for any viruses or bacteria that may be causing my thyroid issues and assist me to clear them out of my body. Please balance the biochemistry, physiology and magnetic properties of my thyroid for optimal health and wellbeing. Thank you Great Spirit.

A full thyroid healing will be available for download soon!


Spiritual Healer

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