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Pet Healing Prayer

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Recently I have been doing quite a few animal healings. I do this work by distance and the animals are very receptive to healing energies sometimes with amazing results for quite difficult cases. I do have some great stories of healings performed by Great Spirit but that is not what this post is about! Distance healings can sometimes be more powerful because I am not distracted from entering a deeply meditative state. I am able to visualise the animal in front of me and clearly see and feel the energetic disturbances. I am able to differentiate the energy bodies and see where the energy requires balancing. Apart from etheric disturbances which create physical pain for the animal that are generally relatively easy to clear, there have been some interesting cases this month. I am finding that many animals have soul fragmentation due to trauma in this lifetime or other lifetimes. The soul fragmentation can result in stress, anxiety, depression and/or aggression. Seeing and naming the original trauma is sometimes possible and that can clear it, however we can try to cover all trauma and see if that helps. In addition to soul fragmentation I often find that animals absorb the emotions and mental energies of the people around them. Animals are healers and empaths and it's important to clear their energy of anything they have absorbed from their owners. Our beautiful companions deserve to be free of trauma and stress. Please use the below prayer liberally, splash it around to every animal you know. They will love it...

Animal Healing Prayer

Firstly take a moment to settle into your heart and expand your energy field. Set an intention to connect to your healing guides and/or my healing guides. Connect to Great Spirit, God or whatever you call Source.

Great Spirit and my divine healing teams I ask that "pets name" be surrounded and protected by the white light of the Holy Spirit. Please check "pets name" physical body, etheric body, emotional body and mental body for any disturbances, distortions and/or disease. Please clear out, melt down, balance and harmonise all of these energies returning them all to love. If "pets name" has absorbed any non-beneficial emotional, mental or stress energies from any person, place or situation, from me, then please clear them now, returning them all to love. Please check for any soul fragmentation due to any trauma "pets name" has ever suffered. Please uncover the original trauma memory and clear it out of their body, their cellular memories their soul memories. Please heal the soul fragmentation, balancing and harmonising all of the energies in "pets name" soul. Please balance "pets name" entire body, mind and spirit and bless "pets name" with this healing today. Thank you, Great Spirit.

Great Spirit please send Love and Blessings to all animals everywhere.

Please contact me if you require a full Spiritual Healing for your pet.


Spiritual Healer

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