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Spiritual Healing

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Spiritual healing utilises prayer requests which create powerful shifts. When we make a request to Great Spirit we are engaging our higher selves and benevolent spirit helpers to assist in the process of transformation and healing. I use clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to see and hear what is happening during healings however it is not necessary to have these faculties as the work is affective even if you don’t see what is going on. In order to supercharge your healings for yourself or others it is important to have a clear intention and also place your full attention on the prayer. The words combined with the power of your mind can and will create powerful shifts. One important ingredient is Soul Power and essentially the more soul power you have to more powerful your healings can be. I have provided a prayer below to increase soul power.

GS and my divine healing team please assist me in this healing to call back my soul power, and to increase and amplify it. I ask for you to please locate, heal and bring back all parts of my soul. If I have given away parts of myself, left parts of myself behind or had parts of me stolen, I ask that these parts be located, healed, washed clean of any pain or trauma and brought back to me now. Integrate and harmonise all parts of my soul. I ask that you please amplify and increase my soul power, aligning my whole body, my entire field, with soul power, filling every cell in my body with my own soul. Please help me to express my soul through every cell in my body, making each cell a holy altar to Great Spirit, shining light from every cell, awakening and enlivening every cell in my body. Please bless my entire mind, body and energetic field with full soul power. Thank you Great Spirit.


Spiritual Healer

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