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Blessing for food, scientific testing!

Do you bless and empower your food for your health and that of your family?

I have always felt that blessing and giving thanks for food is not only beneficial but essential for health, wellbeing and evolution of consciousness. The scientist in me wanted to test this feeling. So I performed a single blind study (i.e. the test subjects didn't know what I was doing) on the same individuals on different days. I cooked the same meal (a pumpkin curry), exact same ingredients, approximately ten days apart. For the first meal I cooked it unconsciously by intentionally not paying attention to the food. I kept my mind focussed on other things. Everyone ate the meal, it tasted fine and that was that. For the second meal, I paid attention to the food giving thanks and blessings as I was chopping the pumpkin. I added as much love as I could. I stirred the pot anti-clockwise placing my intention on releasing any toxicity or energies that were non-beneficial. I then stirred the curry clockwise adding in love, health and nutrients. The effect was more amazing than I could have anticipated. Everyone raved about the curry, everyone looked radiant with health and they were glowing. Best I've ever made apparently. So there you go! One study, not exactly complete evidence but I believe in magic.

So if we bless and give thanks for our food, eat in a conscious way then I believe we can heal and evolve our consciousness.

A simple prayer might be. "God, source, pure love consciousness please release and transform any non-beneficial energies from this food. Please bless and empower this food with love and light and all the energies that are required to heal me. Thank you and bless everyone who made it possible for this food to nourish and nurture me"

If you eat animal products blessing and thanking the animals would be wonderful :)


Spiritual Healer

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