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Ann-Marie works as a Celestial Shaman channelling healing energy, tones, languages and codes from a number of guides. She is a Starseed who has come to Earth to assist in the healing of trauma, and to take part in the birthing of a New Earth. 


Using a combination of mystic prayer and channelled language, Ann-Marie is able to assist in the transformation of energies bringing about change on a physical and a soul level.  In particular the channelled light language can assist with the following; 

  • Help transforming and resolving patterns in the emotional, mental, and physical bodies

  • Re-scripting the codes in the neural pathways, and emotional body and installing codes to support updated templates

  • Soul healing across lifetimes, and in multi-dimensional aspects of self

  • Repairing, reprograming and activating dormant DNA

  • Activation of Spiritual Gifts

  • Clearing energy infiltration

  • Performing etheric surgery for removal of implants, imprints and overlays

  • Empowering an authentic life

  • Journeying inter-dimensionally 

  • Opening & closing portals 

  • Receiving and transmitting codes that will shift paradigms

  • Retrieving & Integrating soul aspects

Sessions are available on Skype, in Person or by Distance. Ann-Marie work's with adults, children and animals. She also performs house blessings and clearings.


Clients often experience many of the following;

  • Reduction or elimination of physical pain

  • Healing of old wounds, trauma’s and disease

  • Clearing old stories, patterns and programming from your ancestors

  • Increased energy and soul power to create, attract and manifest your dream life

  • Feelings of bliss, peace and space on a cellular level

  • Enhanced clarity on your soul mission and life path

  • Deep relaxation in your mental and emotional bodies

  • Self-love to honour, nurture and love yourself

  • Stronger connection your higher soul self and to spirit

  • Trusting Your intuition and psychic gifts, and activation of your sacred medicine

  • Courage and confidence to be your unique self and speak your truth with divine ease and grace

Sessions are $120 for 1 hour

Distance sessions are $50 for 30 minutes

Psychic readings $50 for 30 minutes

Certified in Spiritual Healing

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